Arguments over contract matters, quality, design, etc., can mean that your customer does not pay you.

When this happens you have very few options regarding resolution. You can a/ threaten your customer, b/ negotiate a discount on the price, c/ issue a summons, d/ send in debt collectors (always a bad idea!) So what do you do?

AND SO STARTS THE HEADACHE, that is unless you have the support, guidance and Expertise of HAS Resolution behind you. Then you know that you have the best, most unique team of Resolution Experts in the Industry in your corner. PHEW, what a relief!!

We will assist you in resolving any of the following issues and more:-

  • Problems with suppliers
  • Customers withholding payment
  • Questions regarding design
  • Technical queries
  • B. Regulation queries
  • Keeping up to date with Consumer Law
  • Keeping up to date with Contract Law
  • Issuing a Summons
  • Defending a Summons

We even provide you with monthly newsletters covering all matters Technical and Legal in a bid to assist you and your business to remain profitable.

BE WARNED! Should you allow a dispute to run out of control (this usually involves a Solicitor) then a cost to you, win or lose, can easily be £20 - £50,000.00 plus.

However, a dispute, whatever the type, if controlled properly, can usually be resolved without 'Breaking the Bank'. That is why we formed HAS Resolution, to take the financial pain and worry out of a Dispute, whatever type of dispute you may have. Take a look at the comparisons below.




1. Technical & Legal Information Papers

£45.00 Plus Vat per Month
(these are provided to members every month within their membership fee and are available to non-members for above fee)


1. Technical & Legal Information Paper

Included in Membership

2. Expert Site Day

Expert Inspection then
Expert Report (Ave £650.00)

Expert Meeting with Solicitor or Barrister
(Before Summons £600 - £750.00 + Vat)
(After Summons £800 - £1,100.00 + Vat)

(Expert attendance at Court Hearing £1,000 - £1,400.00 per day)
N.B. Expect to pay £200 - £300.00 per Hr for a Solicitor and £100 - £150.00 per Hr for an Expert


2. Expert Site Day

An Expert Site Day to either inspect work, attend mediation or meet with the 'other side' in a dispute, will be quoted upon request. However all members will receive a substantially discounted fee quote if such services are required.

3. Dispute Resolution Services:-

The dispute resolution services provided by HAS Resolution are quite unique and unavailable anywhere else in the industry.
Therefore for non-members Dispute Resolution would involve instructing a Solicitor and probably an Expert (see typical fee charges above)
A Solicitor and Expert will charge per hour throughout the period of a dispute


3. Dispute Resolution Services

Included in Membership

Incoming / Outgoing phone calls to
consumer / opposing Expert / consumers
Solicitor, Supplier etc.
All e-mails incoming and outgoing, all
letters or documents to be sent or received by mail

4. Contract Check and Terms & Conditions

If you do not have a suitable Contract or you need a Contract to be re-written you will need to instruct a Solicitor. Expect to pay up to £1,000.00


4. Contract Check and Terms & Conditions

Included in Membership

We will peruse your Contract and Terms & Conditions for legality and to ensure that you are not 'over exposed'.

5. Technical / Building Reg problems

As a non-HAS Resolution member you may have to pay for advice from a Chartered Building Engineer or Chartered Building Surveyor or you may simply be unable to find the advice that you need and thereafter 'take a chance' on a specific design detail that have incorporated in your work.

5. Technical / Building Reg problems

Included in Membership

HAS Resolution Members are given unlimited access by phone or e-mail to discuss any and all technical matters regarding Fenestration, construction, roof-line.